Another incredible game drive

We saw hundreds of wildebeest, giraffe, zebras, antelope, the elusive leopard, elephants all morning long.. We enjoyed breakfast among the animals, watching two lionesses look over the Maasai Mara for breakfast. It is a wonder to see. all what we see. in a matter of a couple of hours! I am so busy looking through the binoculars and the long lens on the camera my eyes get weary. Now we are back at camp for lunch from the vegetable garden under the trees. Last night I had a lion very close to my tent! they patrol with a gun and a flashlight all night because the camp is not fenced and I have to have a Maasai escort anywhere. The game is one of patience waiting for just the right light and position to get the best shot. . We all compare photographs at the end of the day. I'm attaching my photo of the day from yesterday!

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